Who We Are

PETROPATH FLUIDS (INDIA) PVT LTD, an ISO 9001:2015, D & B Certified Company, was incorporated under the laws of Government of India on 14th day of February, 2008. Our areas of business include Drilling and Completion/Workover Fluids, Filtration, Pitless Drilling Services, Drilling Waste Management, Solid Control, Mud Chemicals, Production Chemicals and Engineering Services.

Our head office is located at Bangalore, India. Our project offices at Ahmedabad, Chhatral for operations back up of western region and at Durgapur, West Bengal for operations back up of eastern region. We have our API grade Barite manufacturing facility at Cudappa, AP and API Grade Mud Chemicals manufacturing facility at Chatral, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Petropath’s state of art engineering division located at Andra Pradesh, cater to oil field and mining needs of Filter Units, Oilfield consumables, Solids Control Equipments, Effluent Treatment Plant etc.

PETROPATH FLUIDS (INDIA) PVT LTD has highest quality Drilling Fluids, Additives and Production Chemicals both from within and outside India. We also parade a team of dedicated and well trained mud engineers, analytical chemist for all kinds of drilling wells drawn from across the world.

PETROPATH FLUIDS (INDIA) PVT LTD has drilled more than 150 Wells in and around Indian Basin. We have API grade 4.20 Sp. Gr. Barite manufacturing unit at Cudappa. A.P and API Quality manufacturing facility at western part of India, Chatral, Gujarat. Petropath has supplied quality chemicals to ONGC, SCOMI, KMC, ASAP, OREN and other leading companies across the world. And also Effluent Treatment services to many leading companies. We have also pioneered generation of drilling fluid additives. We are also diversifying our activities and engaged in R&D work to formulate chemicals and additives required for E&P industry.

Petropath has technical collaboration with few MNCs who are specialized in Drilling Fluids implementation, R&D, engineering, design and product support. Petropath has strong supply chain of quality chemical suppliers and manufacturing for uninterrupted chemical back up.


To be recognized in our industry as the global leader in QHSE performance.


  • To ensure that all our activities are carried out in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • To educate and influence employees so that they embrace health, safety and environmental policies, practices and procedures.
  • Use and follow directions of MSDS while using chemicals to avoid hazardous chemical related incidents and accidents.
  • To continually improve our QHSE performance.


Achieve Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) goals of No Accidents, No Harm to People, and No Damage to the Environment. HSE goals will be measured by days away from work, medical treatments, fluid discharges and spills.


  • No accidents
  • No damage to the environment
  • No harm to people
  • Commitment, leadership and accountability
  • To implement and communicate internal policies to ensure compliance with Customer’s H.S.E. requirements incorporating best practices and safe systems of work
  • Risk management process and control measures
  • Teamwork
  • Documentation and performance review, audits, review and inspections
  • Continuous improvement and “Beyond the Best” initiatives