Water is an essential factor of upstream oil and gas field production. Petropath provides expertise ETP Services, treatment technologies and processes for all types of conventional and non-conventional extraction. This includes developing, implementing and servicing sludge, wastewater and water treatment plants for oil refineries, petrochemicals, and the gas industry. For several decades, we have offered companies in the oil and gas sectors a wide range of technologies and industrial processes. We are particularly renowned for solutions related to the upstream activities of the oil industry.

Water is an essential element for extracting and refining hydrocarbons, and quality water is useful throughout the various processes of these actions – whether for prospecting, enhanced oil recovery, or enhanced chemical recovery. The final treatment to reduce the TDS of water by Industrial RO is added technology wherever Oil well being drilled with Salt/KCl mud.

Our water technologies/ ETP Services guarantee our customers a competitive advantage by reducing their water needs while ensuring compliance with regulations.


Our technology and services have helped our clients achieve:

  • Better recovery of crude oil.
  • Treatment of injection water.
  • Produced water treatment for reuse.
  • Effluent treatment.

Our Clients

ONGC, Cairn India, Essar Oil