Petropath Fluids offers comprehensive and detailed analytical services for characterization of reservoir for CBM basin. Limited Lab facility existing in the country for CBM study, visualizing this problem, Petropath Fluids India initiated the CBM lab in Durgapur(West Bengal) India, to undertake specific tests.

Formatting the above objectives, the following studies are being carried out:

  • Field Desorption Studies
  • Gas Composition
  • Total organic Carbon
  • Proximate Analysis
  • Ultimate Analysis

Critical Coal Bed Analysis is performed to help the client arrive at the right decision. Analysis such as

  • Borehole site Canister desorption Primary tool to quantify the volume and quality of gas to determine commercial potential.
  • Gas content analysis Determines the total volume of gas present in a freshly cut reservoir sample(core)
  • Desorbed gas composition Identifies the fractionation of gas over the life of desorption history to determine a total in situ gas composition and the need for multiple gas is other m-data.
  • Adsorption Isotherm accurately determines the volume of gas that can be stored in the pores through sorption at reservoir temperature and pressure.